Murals in home’s wall

 photo Classic-Home-Living-Wall-Murals_zpsd08d81cb.jpg

Painted walls can gives this light and comfy feeling at your home. That’s why we often consider these colored paints as we have to paint out our home walls. However these days, as we got into this so called modern age, trends in home designs and decors are rapidly changing too that’s why am suggesting you now to have your walls in murals. Yes! you heard it right!  walls should be murals now instead of painting it in with plain colors. You can have an ideas on what you should do or what kind of designs you can get in for you walls by checking my uploaded photos within this post. Look at the top photo, it has this great and neat mural which can make the whole room quite looking wide and huge, right? also, it is indeed light to eye as you seeing it right?

 photo Tree-Wall-Murals-in-Eclectic-Home-Office_zpsf13f7730.jpg

And for this one, I simply liked the accent of the wall which the bamboo kind of murals there. And these ladders as an shelves really makes me amused and wanting to have it too on my own room as well. I think, this design for room is really fits in to me and it can bring the artist ambiance in me. lol Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for more home decors and designs ideas..


Free Shoes From Zalora PH

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I am so fortunate to be fashion & lifestyle blogger beside being into travel and technology kind of site. Because I think being fashion blogger has a lot of open doors waiting for me especially now I more engaged myself into blogging and sort of online activities. Actually, Zalora PH emailed me and asked me to collab to them for a blog post in exchange of free stuff like what you are seeing in the photo on top. And of course, I agreed with it and as I finished the blog post and gone it live to my other site, by then, Zalora sent over this voucher code which I may use to their online site to shop. Cool, right? am actually loving their shop because they did caters a lot of brands in both local and international brands which I know you’ll amused about. That’s why am encourage you now to take a look on this site here: http://www.zalora.com.ph for you to see for yourself on how awesome their shop is compare to the other available online shops today.

Also, Zalora PH offers some new customer voucher which you may use of course on your first order or shop. Yeah! that’s how great they are. Go check them out now for further details. Thanks!


Lovely Cake

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I dont often writes about cakes nor food in this site webdesignersonly.com. Because it is indeed far away on what I supposed to include or write about here. But anyway, I just found this cutie cake here a chic because of the cake’s design itself which I think it is or can be included on my home decor since the cake was decorated itself, right?, does it make sense to you? ahaha Anyway, I simply liked it because it does looked so classy, plus, it adding this quirky appeals which I dont know how to explain further.. lol All I knew was, this cake is great and can be the cake for your big day like in wedding or in sort of girly events like debut or engagement party instead.

Okay, that will be all for now. So happened that am run out of idea with this lovely cake here, so better yet to finish this off now.. hahah Have a nice day everyone.


Be Casual, Be Light For Summer Season

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As much as possible. Am trying to be as help as I can be for all of you my dear readers especially with men’s fashion. Because men are kinda having an hard time to know on what’s hot and not in particular season like today for summer. Though, there’s a bunch of sources already available in both online and mortar stores but yet knowing what is your style and what are these hip pieces today in men’s fashion is to know for you to differentiate in away on what really kind of pieces you should rock on, I hope you can get what I mean in here. But if you couldn’t follow me yet, no worries then because I’ll explain this further by my next post for you to easily understand on how this may works to you. Because men’s fashion is the ones hard to catch especially if you are used to be lazy about it before.

Anyway, summer season is all about casual and being light and comfortable. As this season, summer, comes. I may suggest you to wear anything that you are comfortable with to wear like tanks, shirt basics either button down if you proffered and shorts for bottom. Because that’s what summer all about which being looking casual and light.. And you can pair your styling in either kicks or slippers depending on where you go.


Outdoor Clothing

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 photo BIGBANG_North-Face10_zpsa8d0ba94.jpg

Most of us loves to do some outdoor activities as the summer season comes. Because in this time, we can freely do whatever things we eager to do for ourselves to developed this called ” self-confidence”. Most of us wants to try some quirky activities that may  test on our adrenalin. And one of the awesome activity that we could try on this summer was this hiking or if you are brave enough, I’ll probably suggest this bungee jumping or skydiving instead, neither way are worth to try.  But of course, before you partake yourself into it, you’ll be needing to have an right clothing for it and outdoor clothing are the ones appropriate.

you may actually lurk in some online shop that caters brands from sport wears to outdoor clothing and you may also ask particular online shop on  which the right pieces you should have on the activity outdoor you would like to try on. No worries, they’re professional on giving advises on which clothing you should wear in any type of outdoor activities for your safety.

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here because I may blog up some online stores where you could find these great clothing for your needs.


Why to visit Austria?

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The unique thing that you can hear here is yodeling. It is unique form of singing that everyone finds interesting. The earliest yodel was recorded in the middle of 16th century and this tradition continues to this day. If you are interested in Mozart, Schubert, Strauss or Beethoven, then you can learn a lot more about them in this country. If you are big fan of classical music, then you already know that the best orchestra in the entire world is the Vienna Philharmonic.

You cannot miss the Alps if you ever visit this country. The Austrian Alps are the country’s most popular tourist destination and the main reason why tourists come here. That is why there are more visitors during the winter.

The Austrian food is something you have to taste if you ever visit this country. It is a lot more than just wiener schnitzels and apple strudels, even they are both delicious. There are many delicacies that you should try and if you like eating sweets, then you should try the delicious type of chocolate cake – Sarchertorte. Austrians are making wine and brewing beer for a very long time and some of the traditional coffee houses in Vienna are some of the oldest in the world. Viennese coffee is something very delicious, made of two shots of espresso, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.