A Signature of Elegance

A lot of men are into fashion and often collect either shoes or watches. For those who are privileged they buy watches from famous luxury brands as well as those from other lesser known and more affordable brands. But most wealthy men probably have sophisticated tastes so they only buy expensive pieces and always go for quality over quantity. A luxury watch that have been around for many decades and will surely be around for many more years is a Victorinox Swiss Army watch. It is made from top-of-the-line materials and have gone through rigorous testing to meet the standards of the Swiss watch making business. They are known for their multi-functionality, stylishness, durability, and ingenuity. Victorinox Swiss Army produces its watches in its own workshops according to criteria that prioritizes technical performance to optimize practical service. A Victorinox Swiss Army watch is timeless yet modern and is made from genuine precision instruments that will surely withstand time.

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A Victorinox Swiss Army watch is only one of the many items manufactured and sold by Victorinox, the others being travel gear, fragrances, clothing, cutlery and their signature item, the Swiss Army Knife, which is still used by millions of people all over the world as well as by military of a dozen armies and by NASA astronauts. This watch has been around for decades and is a part of the Victorinox brand that was established in Ibach, Switzerland 130 years ago.

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Victorinox has come up with fabulous watch collections such as Maverick, Chrono Classic, Infantry Vintage, Night Vision etc. and for this year they have the Alliance collection, the mechanical watch of stylish elegance. It comes with a self-winding ETA 2824 mechanical movement, Swiss made 40 mm diameter polished stainless steel case, scratch resistant sapphire, and triple anti-reflection treatment case. It has two bracelets namely polished satined steel and tanned black leather strap, both equipped with folding clasp, and two dial options, dark gray and eggshell. Alliance’s goal is to show the time as accurately and clearly as possible and you will never be disappointed with this watch. It likewise has the pyramid shaped indexes that alternate with Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, and Swiss cross logo at 12 o’clock. Military time is discreetly embossed at the edge of the indexes. It has the famous Victorinox red on its second hand and the automatic inscription on the dial.

Another important feature is the fact that it is water resistant up to 10 ATM (100 meters or 330 feet). It has a luminescent hour and minute hands and date window at 6 o’clock.

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High Quality Presentation Folder Printing

Your presentation folders are an important marketing facet for your business, conference, or information. How so, you ask? People respond well to well laid out graphic design, and will, as a general rule, be more favorable in disposition towards the ideas presented within the folder. In addition to this, your presentation folder will give people a bit of a primer for what is to come on the pages within them. With high quality printed presentation folders, you will add an entirely new level of professionalism to your presentation, and will be bound to wow the participants, clients, or peers that you are presenting to.

Not all Printing Is the Same

While you can have the best graphic design in the world for your presentation folder, the presentation folder printing is what matters. While you could elect to go to OfficeMax or Kinko’s to get the job done (or any local office related store), these places will not offer you the kind of quality that is available to you from niche printers either in your town or online. Presentation folder printing varies, but as a general rule of thumb, 350gsm silk art and 325gsm recycled board are the highest caliber of materials that you can find.

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Different Styles of Presentation Folder Printing

While A4 and A5 style folders are the most popular for presentation folder printing, glued pocket presentation folders are also prominent choices, as the pockets allow for a higher level of security for the papers within. In addition to this, many presentation folder printing shops will offer bonus add-ons for businesses looking to utilize their services, like four page printed brochures. The printer will be as essential as your graphic artist for your presentation folder if you are serious about using one to nail your big client or proposal at the meeting.

There are even different capacity spines available for presentation folders if you go through a niche printer – they generally range up to 5mm in width, and allow for perfect storage of a larger group of papers, avoiding the bloated look of a thin folder that has been overstuffed. Many niche printers will even offer business card slots within the presentation folders that they print, making their offerings diverse and valuable to any business owner.

The Choice Should Be Clear

There is overwhelming evidence that shelling out a little bit of extra cash upfront is well worth it in the long run. After all, if you were not giving an important presentation, why would you bother getting presentation folders printed anyways? Presentation folder printing is a specialty, not your average, runs of the mill print job. When you put so much attention into your business plans, your products, your pitches, or your events, why not put that much attention into the details like your presentation folder printing? Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover, and when that book is a packet of papers at a presentation, if someone has taken the time to organize them well, you can generally assume they are going to be good!



Tech: Compact Amp

Looking for some awesome gadgets to try on or some musical instruments to learn off like this compact amp? if so, I may suggest you then to take a look this site called musicians friend were mostly the great and quality instruments are listed. They actually have the mostly kind of instruments as well the tools needed. Go check them out today and have yourself one items you eager to learn any for future use.


Sponsored Video: Releasing the Tiger Within Us #Uncage #YouKnowYoureSingaporeanWhen

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I am sure there are some people who are stuck in careers they do not like that much. Since they are not happy, they are more prone to stress. They stay in their jobs because it pays well or it is the only thing that they know how to do. In their hearts they want to break free and take the path that they really desire. Come to think of it, there are career professionals who after years of working in their fields suddenly change careers even if the pay is lesser. That is because it is more satisfying to do something that you really want. Forging your own path and living life on your own terms.

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Tiger Beer presents its new campaign #uncage – unleash your pride. This campaign inspires people to take on their dreams and break free from the chains of conformity. “Uncage” encourages you to think on your own, follow your heart, and be more open minded. In line with this concept and in celebration of Singapore National Day, Tiger Beer has collaborated with Tree Potatoes, a Youtube comedy channel run by Aaron Khoo, Elliot Tan, and Janice Chiang. It is such a hit that it is now one of the top three Youtube channels in Singapore. For these three, being uncaged means going after what you want in life and stepping out of your comfort zone.

This light and funny video is a testimony of how proud Singaporeans are of their culture and country. It was done out of their desire to unleash local pride and exhibits the qualities of Singaporeans going about with their daily lives such as walking fast because of the busy way of life, eating in the Hawker Centre, complaining about the weather but getting defensive when foreigners complain about Singapore, calling people by their rank even outside the office, and recognizing the horn of the newspaper boy.

Being one of the leading contemporary beer brands in the world, Tiger Beer has a commitment to tell people to Uncage the Tiger within themselves and break free. Tiger Beer is enjoyed in over 75 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Australia, USA, and Asia. Do your part in motivating and inspiring people by watching and sharing the video on Twitter and Facebook using #uncage and by sharing what you think of the video and in the process unleashing your pride about Singapore. To know more about this campaign, like the Tiger Beer Facebook page.

Sponsored by: Tiger Beer


Why to visit Thailand?

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Thailand is a country that you will not visit only once. If you go there, there will be many things you would love to experience at least one more time.

1. Thai food. According to many people, there is nothing to compare this food to.

2. The weather. It is usually warm and sunny and it is great especially for the people from UK who are used to a lot of rainy days.

3. Friendly people. The people that live in Thailand are very nice and they are happy and smiling most of the time. They are helpful and extremely polite. You can ask any of them any question and they will be more than happy to help you.

4. Hike through jungle. Many people enjoy exploring the jungles even they are not that wild, they still offer amazing views, waterfalls and interesting variety of wildlife.

5. Cheap. Compared to many other countries, this one is very cheap. Most of the food you can buy from vendors cost about 1-2 dollars and that is great!

6. Beaches. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the whole world. The water is warm and clear and it is a great place for a vacation.

7. Nightlife. You can find bars and nightclubs everywhere. If you want to have fun during the night, then Thailand is the country you should visit.