Murals in home’s wall

 photo Classic-Home-Living-Wall-Murals_zpsd08d81cb.jpg

Painted walls can gives this light and comfy feeling at your home. That’s why we often consider these colored paints as we have to paint out our home walls. However these days, as we got into this so called modern age, trends in home designs and decors are rapidly changing too that’s why am suggesting you now to have your walls in murals. Yes! you heard it right!  walls should be murals now instead of painting it in with plain colors. You can have an ideas on what you should do or what kind of designs you can get in for you walls by checking my uploaded photos within this post. Look at the top photo, it has this great and neat mural which can make the whole room quite looking wide and huge, right? also, it is indeed light to eye as you seeing it right?

 photo Tree-Wall-Murals-in-Eclectic-Home-Office_zpsf13f7730.jpg

And for this one, I simply liked the accent of the wall which the bamboo kind of murals there. And these ladders as an shelves really makes me amused and wanting to have it too on my own room as well. I think, this design for room is really fits in to me and it can bring the artist ambiance in me. lol Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for more home decors and designs ideas..

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