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Looking for the best hi hat to use? if so, why not checking this hi hat available at Musicians Friend that I’ve recently found. Yes! this hit hat from musicians friend are the one most talked about hit hat among the all musicians out there because of the reasonable price and at the same time in the quality of materials that they have been used to it. All went well.



If you are looking for the best amplifiers and yet in reasonable prices, I’ll then suggest you to take a look on this link http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6/Amplifiers.gc where all the types and cheapest speakers where houses. Actually, I have bought mine for myself already and I can attest that all of their products are in quality.


kala concert ukulele

Did you known that ukulele can also be use in concert? yes it does as long you have this kala concert ukulele type of ukulele to play and you are good to go. You can actually see further details about this over google and you can even go to YouTube to see it live on how this guy gonna works which am sure you’ll surprise about..


Country club hills

There’re a lot of things you should have first before getting yourself engaged on professional field of music, especial in guitar. And one of the necessity was this country club hillscountry club hills that’s very handy and useful as you play your own guitar or your awesome electric guitar but bear in mind that not all kind of guitar are well suited in this tool as it does meant for electric mostly but occasionally it does works in other guitar types too, please do yourself a favor by searching the tool first before getting it for yourself.


Peavey bass guitar

What kind of guitar would you like to have? an acoustic? electric or this awesome peavey bass guitar? but for me, I’ll go for bass guitar because this type of guitar has all in it, I mean you can make a sounds way better just having it alone unlike to other which just specialized in one kind of sounding, which iss not practical to have, right? especially if you’re an professional guitarist.


Bongo 5

As the continuation of my write up regarding on the druns pedal. I am also keen to have this bongo 5 which help me big time on my bass frustration, I hope so, this wold be a help then, or i think, I should enroll myself in the music school hence the professional will leads on what should I learn first before getting to the tough one, right? But the think is, I haven’t knew any school that is near in my place that’s why might as well I’ve learn over online.


MXR EVH 5150 Effects Pedal

As you all know that I often blog up some musical kind of related post here as I am keen to learn any musical instruments hence this site is like my diary where I should write up all of my possible act just to learn any and gets to the industry, if possible. But as I know there’s a long path should I need to take and that’s full of hardships and frustration for sure. But today, let me get myself an MXR EVH 5150 Effects Pedal first so that I can start this Little dreams of mine to be happens in reality, hopefully soon..


Headphone amp

Are you musically inclined? might most of you are.If you do, you might also interests having yourself sorts of headphones that you can use to listen your own composed musics, perhaps. But mostly, headphone amp, are the usual type of headphones that these music’s artists were using hence it’s better to invest in this than to the unbranded ones which I assure you that wont last for some days.


Ace guitar straps

Most of you might born with a musical traits hence you are partaking yourself always with sorts of musical activities that might be held at your school, offices and even on your church, perhaps. But I also knew that you are most fond of playing guitars above all the musical instruments available today. Because guitars are the easiest to play with as long you know on how to use the strings and pick of it and everything will goes well as you’d playing it. However, you should also consider on having the best ace guitar straps for it because strings are playing the big roles on having the best quality sounding as you plays the guitar hence you should invest on these strings better.