Notes for musics

Do you know how to read notes for musics? might most of you do, but me, I didn’t know since I am not that inclined with musics since then. But to those people who are into musics are like be more knowledgeable regarding this reading notes and stuff. But if you want to and haven’t try it yet. I recommend you though to take a look YouTube for more tuts and there, I believe, you can easy get or learn on how this stuff works.


production groove

Planning to have your own home studio soon? if so, you’ll have to have this production groove as set up. Because this may help your sounding to the higher standaards. You can check online for various of styles and features. But if you were asking me? I prefers Elektron analog because they’re usual handy plus they’ve got all the features you’d wanted. Go check musicians friends for more details about this groove and you can either buy it off there..



If you are into school bands or in sort of. I think you should have this beginner clarinet first before going to the pro one. Because this basic instrument can help you learn the hard one when it comes on playing the clarinet alone. You should also check out some youtube videos on it as you have to learn it immediately because youtube is the best venue to learn with any of your desires. I have learned on how to play my guitar over there hence I really recommend it for you too, to learn your basic clarinet.


headphone amp

Most people has this personal habit that they couldn’t work out in a day without their headphone’s on. That is why i9nvesting in some quality headphone amp is a must do. Because this kind of headphones is hing in quality that may surely lasted for good years. Why I know? because I’ve already have one in me and I confirms that this headphone is the most quality Ive got, plus, the price is not that high which I know most people can avail.


Tech: Compact Amp

Looking for some awesome gadgets to try on or some musical instruments to learn off like this compact amp? if so, I may suggest you then to take a look this site called musicians friend were mostly the great and quality instruments are listed. They actually have the mostly kind of instruments as well the tools needed. Go check them out today and have yourself one items you eager to learn any for future use.