WORLD’S BEST STREET : Shanzelize street of Paris

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One of the best and fabulous is the Shanzelize street of Paris which is the most prestigious throughout the whole streets of the world. In the center, there is a long street and on both sides there are many huge and smalls shops with an enormous range of things.

This street is famous because of it’s broad and wide length offering several varieties of shops, brands, stalls and many more….A very special object of this street which any person can notice by paying a single visit is that people there only enjoy and spend time with peace leaving behind all the discriminations.

Happiness and joy are at the top of this street. Brown and white people, rich and poor, good and bad, all can be found together there. People are singing, painting, dancing, playing games at this street with great concentration. A visitor desires to come over again at a street like this with full of pleasure. One more feature of this amusing street is that there are a lot of shops including famous brands.

That’s the reason why the rate of female visitors is high than male. You can find all starting from a needle ending to a big boutique with a domain of dresses. Very special and good memories can be made by visiting and spending time at this street. So take a long walk in this long street which showers happiness all over.



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In France’s most populous and capital city ‘Paris’, situated in the North is the fifth largest city in European Union. With several best landmarks, one of the most eminent and eye-capturing landmark is Eiffel Tower which is located on the Champ De Mars with a maximum height of 324 metres.

The shape of this tower is of an ‘A’ referring to the word ‘Amazing’ and counts in word’s top 7 wonders. It is the most recognized landmark in the whole city of Paris. In the day time, it gives an affect of something epic standing and forcing a person to gaze upon it’s beauty and at night, the view of this tower is more stunning because of the lighting. This whole tower glows like a dazzling star at night because of the lighting fixed at this tower which distinguishes it from the other towers located in Paris.

Best and affordable resorts can be found near the tower. The tower itself has two restaurants and an ease of transport as well as it is located at the road junction of Quai Branly. More than 500 million people have visited this tower since it is constructed and is the most highly paid monument in all over the world. The beauty and design of this tower persuades people to come over and spend some time praising it’s magnificent look.


Reasons to visit Uganda

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You can find many scenic wonders in this country. From Lake Bunyonyi to Rwenzori, the mountains, forests, plains and islands will lift your spirits and make you feel much better. You will experience the ultimate combo of culture, adventure, heritage, vibe, wildlife anywhere in Uganda! Uganda have great safaris. They might not be as good as the ones in Kenya and Tanzania but they are close to them.

Uganda has growing adventures tourism business. The favorite thing to do in this country to many people is whitewater rafting on the Nile River. You can find game drives, bungee jumping, climbing mountains and a lot of interesting things as-well. Uganda offers breathtaking scenery and wildlife. Lake Bonyonyi is surrounded by terraced rice hills and mountains. It is referred to as the Swiss Alps of Africe. There are no dangerous animals and bilharzia so it is perfectly safe for swimming.

But you can also spend some crazy nights and social life in Kampala and in most of the major towns. The people that live in this country are very friendly and are willing to help you with everything. But depends on the time you visit this country, you can also meet people from all over the world. Staying in this country is not that expensive compared to most of the other countries. You can find restaurant, gym, swimming pools, anything you want that will suit your budget


Why to visit Greece?

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Those who have a lot of knowledge about its history will not need any other reason to visit this country. For those who do not know a lot about Greece, here are some reasons why you should visit:

  • They have fantastic weather
  • Greek cuisine is one of the best. You will find the world’s most exquisite Mediterranean flavors here.
  • It is easy to get to and hard to forget. You can visit this country by car, ship or airplane.
  • Monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. You will get the chance to see some of the most amazing monuments in the world. You can visit the Archaeological Site of Delphi or the medieval town of Mystras in the Peloponnese.
  • Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum. The most famous temple in Acropolis is the Parthenon. It is dedicated to the goddess Athena.
  • Lovely beach. If you visit Greece during the summer then it is guaranteed that you will have a nice time. This country has many visitors from a lot of different countries during the summer and the reason for that is because it offers you to enjoy their lovely beach.
  • Meteora (which means suspended in the air) are spectacular cliffs that rise more than 366 meters (1200 feet) into the air overlooking the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka. These monasteries were built by monks seeking spiritual isolation and freedom from religious persecution.



Why to visit Thailand?

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Thailand is a country that you will not visit only once. If you go there, there will be many things you would love to experience at least one more time.

1. Thai food. According to many people, there is nothing to compare this food to.

2. The weather. It is usually warm and sunny and it is great especially for the people from UK who are used to a lot of rainy days.

3. Friendly people. The people that live in Thailand are very nice and they are happy and smiling most of the time. They are helpful and extremely polite. You can ask any of them any question and they will be more than happy to help you.

4. Hike through jungle. Many people enjoy exploring the jungles even they are not that wild, they still offer amazing views, waterfalls and interesting variety of wildlife.

5. Cheap. Compared to many other countries, this one is very cheap. Most of the food you can buy from vendors cost about 1-2 dollars and that is great!

6. Beaches. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the whole world. The water is warm and clear and it is a great place for a vacation.

7. Nightlife. You can find bars and nightclubs everywhere. If you want to have fun during the night, then Thailand is the country you should visit.


The Land of Romance, Rome Italy

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It is hard to find someone that has never heard of Italy and its history, especially Rome Italy. This country has a lot of tourists every year and it is recommended to visit it if you can afford to of course. There are many reasons to visit it and here is a list of some of them:

• Architecture – There are 45 UNESCO heritage sites in Italy, and 12 of them are in Rome. You will find many popular monuments, squares, museums, roads, catacombs and a lot more that are part of its rich history.

• Cuisine – There are lots of traditional specialties which you can find in this country and even if you are vegetarian it is still ok because you will still have big choice.

• Difference – You will find 21 regions in Italy and each of them has its history and dialects. If you spend some time in different regions you will see the difference.

• The weather is usually sunny most of the year so if you do not like rain or cloudy weather, this is the right country to visit.

• Religion – Vatican City is the religious and political center of the Roman Catholic. It is believed to be situated on Apostle Peter’s burial place.

• Sport – Italy has one of the best football leagues in the world and many of the tourists come to see their favorite team play.


Why to visit Japan?

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No matter when you decide to visit Japan, you will always have a good time. Festival lovers will have quality time in this country. There are Festivals during the whole year so there is no wrong or right time to visit this country. The robots and gadgets are the obsession of a lot of Japanese people. Their food is great but Sushi is the food that you should try if you ever visit this country. There are many people in this country but they are so organized, friendly and polite that you will feel peaceful in the middle of the chaos. You can ask for directions, you can ask any question you want and they will be more than happy to help you.

If you stay in this country for longer time you will learn a lot for their culture and history. You will learn a lot about Samurais and their second obsession, anime If you love history, there are many Castles and old buildings that are recommended to visit. You can visit Kiyomizu Temple and Sanjusangendo Hall.

For the outdoor lovers, there is Mount Fuji. It is the place for everyone who enjoys climbing. It is 12,335 feet tall which makes it this country’s tallest mountain. Around 400.000 people climb Mount Fuji every year during the climbing season which is between July and August.


Sport world events in 2014 #FIFA2014 #WORLDCUP2014 #FIFAWORLDCUP

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Since there are a lot of travelers addicts around, here is a list of two big events that are happening in 2014 and you should travel and visit them. Whichever you choose is great and you won’t regret visiting it!

1. Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (Feb. 7-23) These games – the first held in Russia – will feature eight new events, including women’s ski jump, biathlon mixed relay, a figure skating team event, a luge team relay involving three sleds per team, the ski half-pipe (a Winter X Games favourite), both ski and snowboard slopestyle (a tricks competition in a terrain park) and a snowboard parallel special slalom that sees snowboarders race head to head. Right after the winter Olympics starting 24 February starts Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week, a festival that celebrates the passing of winter .

2. World Cup of soccer, Brazil (June 12-July 13)The eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro this summer, as Brazil hosts the globe’s biggest sporting event: the FIFA World Cup. The 2014 tournament marks the first time a South American country has hosted the event. Brazil is crazy for football, and with good reason — their national squad has the most World Cup championships (five) and is alreadyA place of stunning beaches, backed by deep green jungle and misty peaks on one hand, sizzling hot metropolitan life and cultural depth on the other, it’s readymade for a multi-faceted holiday away from the sporting arenas.


Reasons to visit Morocco

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The whole world is filled with amazing fascinating places to visit, and some of them are in Morocco. If you are looking for vacation experience that encompasses adventure, history, wilderness and culture, then you should visit this country.

1. Beaches – The beaches are lining both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and there is no shortage of seaside relaxation. The Mediterranean coast has rockier beaches and many people choose not to swim here but the view is beautiful. If you decide to visit this country during the summer, then you should visit the beaches along Agadir or Casablanca.

2. Marrakesh, Rabat, Meknes and Fez have been capital of Morocco at some point in history. These city have churches, mosques, palaces and museums that you should visit if you want to learn something about Morocco’s history.

3. Sahara. This desert is best explored via 4×4 tour or camel ride.

4. Festivals. Depends on when you decide to visit and which part of Morocco you should expect to find music, traditional storytelling and dance Festivals. This is a great way to experience the rich heritage and culture in this North African country.

5. Morocco’s public steam baths used to be the only places used by people to take bath. Visiting a public steam bath is an interesting way to experience piece of this country’s history.


Reasons to visit Egypt

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Egypt is one of the most famous tourist destination in the world and when we mention Egypt, we think of Pyramids. And that is normal because they are the reason why this country a lot of visitors each year. The pyramids of Giza represent one of the greatest architectural feats by man. It is one of the Seven World wonders and the world’s oldest tourist destination. Each pyramid is a tomb to a different king Of Egypt. In front of the pyramids you will find Sphinx or known as Abu al-Hol in Arabic which means “Father of Terror”. This enormous sculpture has mesmerized millions of visitors. If you visit this country there will be many locals who will tell you “Thank you for coming”. It is something rare to see but it is really amazing.

You can find sandboarding here. It takes place on sand dunes and it originated in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians would slide down dunes on pieces of wood. Today it is much safer. It has a nice wildlife as-well. You can feel the Ancient and the Modern Egypt at the same time. You can find many souvenirs in many local shops but you can also find clubs if you are in party mood. You should not miss the Cairo museum. It is stuffed with artifacts and all of the contents of Tutankhamen’s tomb are here, including the furniture, sculptures, jewelry and beautiful stone carving.