Lovely Cake

 photo 2012_05_08_999_95neopolitan-cake-1_zps0d970593.jpg

I dont often writes about cakes nor food in this site Because it is indeed far away on what I supposed to include or write about here. But anyway, I just found this cutie cake here a chic because of the cake’s design itself which I think it is or can be included on my home decor since the cake was decorated itself, right?, does it make sense to you? ahaha Anyway, I simply liked it because it does looked so classy, plus, it adding this quirky appeals which I dont know how to explain further.. lol All I knew was, this cake is great and can be the cake for your big day like in wedding or in sort of girly events like debut or engagement party instead.

Okay, that will be all for now. So happened that am run out of idea with this lovely cake here, so better yet to finish this off now.. hahah Have a nice day everyone.

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