Technologies that changed the world

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Technology is developing very fast. Innovations leaded by the education and knowledge are the reason for the fast technology development. Here is a list of technology innovations that had big influence and changed the world:

  1. Light bulb. Thomas Edison ran the first test of an incandescent bulb in 1879. But for decades, inventors had been inching closer to the reality of the light bulb. Edison built on their work.
  2. The telephone. Imagine the life without telephone. I doubt anyone could imagine life without telephone. Thanks to Graham Bell and his work now we can talk to anyone all around the world with no problem at all.
  3. The radio. Nikola Tesla won worldwide acclaim for his research into transmitting impulses at very high frequencies. In 1900, he won two patents covering radio technologies. But, at the same time, another person named Marconi was working on his own radio research in Europe, and he eventually made the first wireless broadcast across the Atlantic. His patent applications were rejected in the U.S. because Tesla got there first; that led to decades of fighting between the two.
  4. The digital camera. Now, practically everything is photographed and can be distributed immediately. Before digital cameras, people would take dozens of photos of the same thing, hoping that one¬†would come back from developing perfect. Now, people know exactly what they’ve caught, and in many cases, they print the photos themselves. Photography is no longer an expensive hobby thanks to Eastman Kodak.

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