Worst kitchen gadgets

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The technology is developing very fast and today we are using lots of different gadgets. It is hard to imagine life without them because we got used to them. But not all of the gadgets are nice and useful. Here is a list of the worst kitchen gadgets:

1. Banana stand. It takes twice the space than your bananas. Pretty useless and no wonder it is not popular.

2. Banana slicer. Who needs this? I bet even the one who made this gadget is not using it.

3. Egg cracker. It doesn’t need any explanation I believe.

4. Pizza scissors. No wonder it is one of the worst kitchen gadgets. Using a knife is easier and it does not cost you extra money.

5. Banana guard. I don’t really understand why people are making gadgets related to bananas. This useless gadget is used to transport your banana and letting you enjoy it anytime, anywhere. But of course you can carry it without it and people won’t laugh at you.

6. Apple Peeler. The one who invented this must have hated apples. No wonder nobody wants to spend money on something useless that takes a lot of space.

7. Corn holder. It does not really make sense why would somebody use this. If the corn is too hot to handle, you will not eat it anyway.

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