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In France’s most populous and capital city ‘Paris’, situated in the North is the fifth largest city in European Union. With several best landmarks, one of the most eminent and eye-capturing landmark is Eiffel Tower which is located on the Champ De Mars with a maximum height of 324 metres.

The shape of this tower is of an ‘A’ referring to the word ‘Amazing’ and counts in word’s top 7 wonders. It is the most recognized landmark in the whole city of Paris. In the day time, it gives an affect of something epic standing and forcing a person to gaze upon it’s beauty and at night, the view of this tower is more stunning because of the lighting. This whole tower glows like a dazzling star at night because of the lighting fixed at this tower which distinguishes it from the other towers located in Paris.

Best and affordable resorts can be found near the tower. The tower itself has two restaurants and an ease of transport as well as it is located at the road junction of Quai Branly. More than 500 million people have visited this tower since it is constructed and is the most highly paid monument in all over the world. The beauty and design of this tower persuades people to come over and spend some time praising it’s magnificent look.