Is your partner mad at you?

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It is not good when someone is mad at you. But why is your partner mad at you? Sometimes we are so afraid that we made some mistake that sometimes even if our partner is just in a bad mood, we think it is because of us. But, how can you find out? Well here are two simple short questions that will help you answer that question for sure.

  1. Have you done anything wrong that can give him/her a reason to avoid you? Everyone make mistakes, but if you made one that can make your partner mad at you, then you should apologize. This is the most important question that you need to answer yourself.


  1. Is he avoiding everyone or just yourself?
    1.  If he is avoiding everyone, then he/she is either in a bad mood or disappointed by someone or something. So try talking to your partner. Most of the times if you ask directly, your partner will tell you why he’s acting that way.
    2. If he is avoiding you only, then you must think about the first question. If you found out the mistake, then apologize. If not, then talk to your partner and ask him/her about the reason of avoiding you.