Reasons to travel

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There are many reasons to travel, of course all you need is money but apart from that, I am sure that finding a reason is very, very easy, especially for the travel addicts. For those of you who still need a reason, here are a few:

  1. Event traveling. There are a lot of events that we like and happen in a foreign country. This is the most common traveling reason.
  2. Singles travel. Also known as Solo Travel is very popular. It allows you to meet other single travelers. This is not organized by agencies but almost all forms of travel can be singles travel.
  3. Study abroad. A lot of agencies organize students trading. This is great way for students to go and experience the life in another country for few months.
  4. Business travel. This is actually less and less used nowadays because of the technology we have but those who want to talk in four eyes are still using this very often.
  5. Honeymoon travel. Holidays taken by newly married couple after their wedding. These are becoming traditional or at least common part of wedding celebrations in some cultures.
  6. Retiring abroad. It is moderately common for people to retire in countries other than their home. There are two reasons for this:
    1. The climate
    2. Saving money by living in a place where things cost less.