Reasons to visit Morocco

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The whole world is filled with amazing fascinating places to visit, and some of them are in Morocco. If you are looking for vacation experience that encompasses adventure, history, wilderness and culture, then you should visit this country.

1. Beaches – The beaches are lining both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and there is no shortage of seaside relaxation. The Mediterranean coast has rockier beaches and many people choose not to swim here but the view is beautiful. If you decide to visit this country during the summer, then you should visit the beaches along Agadir or Casablanca.

2. Marrakesh, Rabat, Meknes and Fez have been capital of Morocco at some point in history. These city have churches, mosques, palaces and museums that you should visit if you want to learn something about Morocco’s history.

3. Sahara. This desert is best explored via 4×4 tour or camel ride.

4. Festivals. Depends on when you decide to visit and which part of Morocco you should expect to find music, traditional storytelling and dance Festivals. This is a great way to experience the rich heritage and culture in this North African country.

5. Morocco’s public steam baths used to be the only places used by people to take bath. Visiting a public steam bath is an interesting way to experience piece of this country’s history.