Technology influence on education

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Technology takes bigger and bigger part of our lives and it has influence on the education as-well.  There are many ways the technology influence it and it can be in a good or in a bad way. What kind of influence it has on your education? Well ask yourself why you use technology. If you use internet for Facebook and twitter only ,  if you use your PC and phone for games then technology has bad influence on your education.

Everything that was mentioned up there is considered as addictive, so if you do any of that, you are using technology for pleasure, and not to improve your education, which is bad.

On the other side it can have influence to you in a good way. At least today, there are many ways you can improve your knowledge using internet. You can take online course and learn something you wanted to learn for a long time, you can read the book you wanted online instead of going to the library and spending time walking. You can watch videos on youtube which can help you with your education. You can read something using your phone while traveling instead of playing games on it.

There are so many good things that you can get if you are using the technology the right way.

Message for the students “Don’t forget, once you finish school, you have to work, and to work you need knowledge, not experience in chatting on Facebook or playing games.”