The Land of Romance, Rome Italy

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It is hard to find someone that has never heard of Italy and its history, especially Rome Italy. This country has a lot of tourists every year and it is recommended to visit it if you can afford to of course. There are many reasons to visit it and here is a list of some of them:

• Architecture – There are 45 UNESCO heritage sites in Italy, and 12 of them are in Rome. You will find many popular monuments, squares, museums, roads, catacombs and a lot more that are part of its rich history.

• Cuisine – There are lots of traditional specialties which you can find in this country and even if you are vegetarian it is still ok because you will still have big choice.

• Difference – You will find 21 regions in Italy and each of them has its history and dialects. If you spend some time in different regions you will see the difference.

• The weather is usually sunny most of the year so if you do not like rain or cloudy weather, this is the right country to visit.

• Religion – Vatican City is the religious and political center of the Roman Catholic. It is believed to be situated on Apostle Peter’s burial place.

• Sport – Italy has one of the best football leagues in the world and many of the tourists come to see their favorite team play.