Tips to Use the Air Frier Optimally

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If you have just bought an air frier, you have surely made the right decision of your life. Eating healthy food is the key to gaining good health. The air frier is a revolutionary kitchen appliance to make your favourite fried foods without using oil. Instead of using oil, the air frier uses hot air to cook the food. When very hot air passes over the food inside the air frier, you will get the crispy golden brown results. Here are some essential tips that will answer the most common question of how to use an air fryer?

Read the Instructions Manual Carefully

When you unpack the air frier, you will get an instructions manual or user manual. It is very important that you read this manual very carefully to understand the components and the functions present on the air frier.

The air frier has a food basket in which the food is kept and cooked by very hot air. In most air friers, the food basked has a handle, which makes it very easy to pull out and push in. Just above the handle, you will find a timer and the above that you will find the temperature controls. The air intake is on the top of the air frier and the exhaust is at the back of the air frier.

Positioning of the Air Fryer is Important

Before you start any cooking in the air frier, you will have to position it at a good place. The exhaust part should not be facing the wall; this is because the hot air will need a gap to move out. If you have a retractable cord, you will not have a problem with the wires at all. Before you start cooking, make sure that the plug is pushed correctly in the electrical socket.

How to Use the Air Fryer to make French Fries

You can start by making French fries in the air frier. Most homemakers consider making French fries because they are very simple to make in the air friers. You will have to take the potatoes and cut them into the slender long wedges. Then, you will have to add one to two tablespoon of olive oil on the potatoes. Once the oil is spread uniformly on the potatoes, you will have to transfer the potatoes on to the food basket. Then push the basket inside the air frier and make the adjustments of time and temperature. By and large, you will have to keep the French Fries for 18 minutes at 180 degrees. Once that is done, you will have to start the air frier. After 18 minutes, you can take out the food basket and serve the Fries to your loved ones. The air frier can also be kept on the dining table—close to the electrical switch. You can even cook your favourite fried foods on the dinner table and enjoy hot air fried food with the authentic taste and texture.

With the air frier, you can make healthy food without giving up on the taste and texture of your favourite fried foods. Air friers that are available in the market today are not expensive and so you should definitely consider buying one for your home.