Trains are better than planes

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The thought of flying is great. It sure is the fastest way to travel. But in my opinion, trains are much better. I’ve travelled a lot by train and I came up with an explanation. Here are some reasons that might convince you that traveling by train is better than traveling by plane:

  1. It is cheaper. The train ticket is much cheaper than the plane ticket. For most of the people the difference is not that big and that’s why it doesn’t make difference. But what if travel 10 times. Multiply the money you save by 10. Now it’s much better isn’t it?
  2. Baggage. There is no baggage limit. You can have as much as you can carry and you don’t pay extra money for it! So you save money AGAIN!
  3. View. It is true that the plane view is great and fascinating but in fact, what you see is clouds! When you travel by train, you can see a lot of things and you can see great nature landscapes.
  4. Comfort and Relaxation. Rather than cramming yourself into an ever-shrinking airplane seat , why not relax on a train? It’s one of the least stressful forms of transportation out there: You’ll have more legroom than you would on an airplane and you’ll be able to move around at will — not just when the captain turns the seatbelt sign off.